Welcome to Geneva Senior Open 2015 in Geneva Switzerland


Welcome to the 16th edition of the Geneva Open Senior! Beginning of September, that time of year when enthusiasm and a little competitiveness kick in for good friends and old rivals from all over the world.

It is common knowledge that individuals enjoy seeing results of their efforts, in order to get that satisfaction however, one needs to invest time, energy and all of the necessary resources. It goes without saying that it is hard work, but we can all agree that keeping it up through an entire life requires more than that. Passion is what brings us together year after year!

We get together in order to celebrate and promote health, learn a few new trick s from each others` experience and enjoy ourselves.

In invite you, dear friends, to take your pen and book next years` dates for the 16th edition of the Geneva Open Senior tournament.

September 7th to September 13th 2015

We are looking forward to hearing back from you! Kind Regards,

Daniel Auberson
Tournament Director



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Mostly cloudy
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